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Elvive Smooth-Intense Shampoo

Anti-Frizz Shampoo


Is your hair difficult to manage and to smooth? Dry, coarse, lacking in softness?
Does it rebel and go frizzy in even the slightest bit of humidity?

The L'Oréal Laboratories has created an expert solution for frizzy, rebellious hair: Elvive Smooth-Silk Intense Shampoo with Nutrileum ® for long lasting, anti-frizz action even in humid conditions* (75% humidity). It delivers an intensive action to the surface of the hair; hard to handle hair is instantly tamed and smoothed.

Your hair is left supple, softer and is smooth without resistance. Your hair is left sleek, manageable and tamed.

*Tested in laboratories. Shampoo + conditioner + serum vs. Classic Shampoo.


The L'Oréal Laboratories have combined a nutritive micro-oil with a smoothing agent to create NUTRILEUM®. it is instantly absorbed onto the hair fibre, calming rebellious hair and smoothing out frizz along its entire length.

With its anti-frizz action, Smooth-Silk Intense provides long lasting smoothness which resists humidity*. It helps to prevent frizz or waves re-appearing throughout the day.

* Tested in laboratories. Shampoo + conditioner + serum vs. Classic Shampoo.

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